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Onesight × Owners —— Public infrastructure / Commercial estate / Property investment / Management consulting companies


Design-Construction-O&M Full Lifecycle Solution

Full BIM consulting, Onesight BIM+AR softwares, implementation and management consulting, smart building operation and maintenance platform, AR display on physical model

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Data management throughout the project

Implement the value of full cycle BIM

Reliable BIM production quality, covering the whole process of design, construction and O&M consulting services

Digitalized engineering management

Delicacy management based on BIM quality, cost and schedule

Establish digital O&M assets

Integrate BIM+AR+IoT to assist O&M, reform and renewal

BIM+AR+Services. Increase the value of data


BIM production and whole process consulting

Equipped with advanced BIM production and organization methods of Germany, Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong, China, we coordinate design and construction companies, produce constructible BIM models, and maximize the value of limited BIM investment.

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Quality and schedule management tool

With Onesight BIM+AR construction assistant and implementation services, the BIM model is used to finely manage the construction quality and schedule, open up the data interface, and realize the data linkage with the existing project management platform.Onesight helps owners to manage the consistency between the BIM model and the site, and form an operation and maintenance-oriented digital twin model.


BIM+AR+IoT Smart Operation and Maintenance

Use the as-built BIM or drawing data as basis for O&M, and realize the full life cycle management of digital assets (models, drawings, facilities...) on a 3D O&M management platform. Use AR's on-site positioning and visualization capabilities to assist in viewing hidden facilities, managing maintenance records, and entrying on-site information efficiently; Connected with the building automation system, Onesight helps managers to grasp the operation status of building assets in real time, and assist in daily management and decision-making.

AR display on physical model

Customized apps for marketing or business display on table-sized physical model. Suitable for corporate exhibition halls, exhibitions, sales offices, etc. Tell the story vividly and interactively, ranging from planning, construction, technology, to comprehensive governance and digital management concepts.


Return on investment


Invested cost creates 10 times value

Management labor effectiveness


Faster and more efficient project quality and schedule management tool

Reduce operation and maintenance costs


Digital asset guided operation and maintenance

Customer success