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BIM+AR Smart Construction

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Next-generation construction workflow

Higher handover efficiency

Full-scale model display on site

Archieve delicacy management

Process management based on BIM lifecycle

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Reduce rework caused by drawing reading and installation errors

BIM+AR smart construction. Ensure quality, cost and time


Setting out of piping system

In the construction stage of the embedding piping system, the BIM model of water supply and drainage was directly projected on the site. The route of the pipes from the BIM model is marked on the site to guide the on-site trenching.

Before the backfilling, the BIM model is used to review the installation and calibrate the deviation, including the position, direction, burial depth, pipe diameter, standpipe outlet position, etc., to avoid damage and rework in the future, which is helpful Form a real as-built model.

MEP in-wall pre-inspection

In the stage of concrete mold construction or before MEP installation, use the openings and embedded ducts in structural BIM model to check the position, size, quantity, etc. of the walls, floors, and beam openings during the structure construction process . Ensure the MEP design results and feasibility of installation. Correct the structure construction problems in time to avoid the installation process being affected.


MEP coordination and recheck

Use BIM+AR to guide and manage MEP installation during daily kickoff and on-site communication. Use the visual BIM model to provide the subcontractor with a comprehensive construction clarification on the installation location, route, height, orientation, and comprehensive arrangement. After completing the work of the day, conduct a timely review and comparison to control deviations, limit the impacts to the minimum, and guide changes and documentation.

BIM + AR application and implementation

Onesight cooperates with the general contractor to plan the entire process of BIM engineering application from design, construction, to delivery. Providing software operation and application trainings at various stages, we coordinate with enterprises and project teams to optimize workflow, form BIM application standard, and achieve delicacy management.


Project demonstration

In construction technology seminars across the country, Onesight BIM+AR construction assistant assisted general contractors to demonstrate the development and application of BIM technology to owners, peers, experts and authorities, reflecting the ability of BIM application and management on the project.

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Invested cost creates 10 times value

Drawings/Models reading efficiency


Faster, clearer and more comprehensive understanding of design intent

Reduce cost of changes


Reduce changes caused by incorrect installation

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