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Onesight × Urban infrastructures managers —— Electricity / Water / Energy / Telecommunications / Mobility

Visualizing Multi-Source Data,

New Approach to Smart Urbanism

Softwares and hardwares for on-site data collection, historical data automatic modeling and processing, Onesight AR smart city platform and private cloud deployment services

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Urban digital asset management and application

Multi-source data collection and processing

Support model data including BIM, point cloud scanning, photogrammetry and panoramic photos

Spatial positioning and visualization

Obtain the spatial location data through geographic coordinate or feature recognition, and use Beidou, GPS, SLAM to realize model positioning

Fast delivery and deployment

You can not only use Onesight AR Smart City standardized service, but also request customized development and privatization deployment.

Diversed formats + positioning visualization capabilities to help urban renewal and digital archiving


Intelligent collection of site data

Independent research and development of collection tools for point cloud data, photogrammetry, panoramic photo. Generate low-cost, lightweight image/model data of municipal facilities.

Automatic processing of data inventory

Self-developed 2D/3D modeling tools with automatic processing capabilities adapted to various 3D data. Process massive municipal data inventory efficiently.


Outdoor centimeter-level positioning and visualization

Self-developed smart positioning equipment RTK based on Beidou to support the visualization and application of citys' 3D data. Construct city digital twin based on the geographic information.

Customized applications and data deployment

In addition to Onesight AR smart city applications, we also provide customize functional applications and data privatization deployment based on business characteristics to meet the needs of digital transformation of urban management.


More reliable data application


Massive and multi-source real city data from construction to operation and maintenance is recorded and restored in detail, and the extent of dependence on model data is 7 times that of traditional methods

More accurate operation and maintenance


Quickly lock problem areas of large-scale projects, and directly link quality check lists to models, avoiding repeated problem reporting and shirk responsibility, and reducing operating costs by 75%

More effective co-working


Through on-site engineering construction and remote operation management, all-round engineering can be seen in real time, and the problem handling response time is shortened by more than 50%

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