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Onsight Privacy and Security


Onsight technology pays attention to the privacy of users. When the user uses our services, the user retains ownership of all personal information, project information, model information, or any other data uploaded to the Onsight technology Server. Only users with permissions can access or change it. Other individuals or users from other separate organizations cannot access your personal information, project information, model information, or any other data.

In terms of onsight internal policies on your data, all your data belongs to youself or to your organization. Unless explicitly requested, Onsight will not access this data. If onsight tries to access your data for support purposes, your data will be protected and will not be shared by external individuals or organizations.


Onsight will adopt appropriate technical means to ensure the safety of your use of our services, including but not limited to:

Use HTTPS encryption for all backend communications

User passwords are stored as encrypted data in our databases

SSL Encryption: AES _128_GCM

All project access and model information is permission-based

Onsight servers are provided by Aliyun Web Services and Microsoft Azure Services. Onsight relies on Aliyun's and Azure’s infrastructure for monitoring, security and uptime

We may revise the contents of this privacy and security clause in due course, and this privacy policy and terms apply to all network and software services provided by Onsight

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